Review: FOREWORD (2017)

Time travel and warnings from the future are a staple ingredient of science fiction on the printed page and on the screen. It’s well suited to short stories with twist endings and there have been entire anthologies devoted to the sub-genre. Director (BUFFALO, CONFIDENCE OF A TALL MAN) has made the visual equivalent of one these stories with his latest effort the seven-minute short FOREWORD.

Shot for the 48/5 Detroit Film Project and constrained by its rules FOREWORD does a great job of misdirecting the audience and setting up its twist. The plot is deceptively simple, a famous author with writer’s block and relationship issues receives a postcard from his future self with a warning. Will he heed it? And even if he does, can the future be changed?

Obviously talking about a film like this will spoil its effect, but I can say the plot follows logically as long as you can accept the central premise and I honestly didn’t see the twist until it occurred. FOREWARD is a cool way to spend seven minutes and I hope it turns up somewhere the general public can easily see it.

Jim Morazzini

Movie buff, gym rat and crazy cat guy

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