At one point or another, we’ve all imagined ourselves actually in the movie we’re watching, thinking what we would do in the hero’s place. And although killers stepping off the screen into our world are more common there’s been a few films exploring that “what if” from LAST ACTION HERO to FINAL GIRLS and conclusion of SHOCKER. But what if the film you stepped into was a cliché ridden, poverty row sci-fi film? Wonder no more, THIS PAPIER MACHE BOULDER IS ACTUALLY REALLY HEAVY has the answer.

Tom (Christian Nicolson), Jeffrey (Daniel Pujol THE LAST STAR) and Gavin (Lewis Roscoe) are three buddies who just went to the wrong screening at a local sci-fi convention. Shortly after noticing their names in the film’s credits they find themselves in the film itself, and in the middle of a space battle. Winning the battle but making an enemy of Lord Froth (Joseph Wycoff) by saving the space princess Lady Emmanor (Sez Niederer). Now they must find their way back to their own universe before it’s too late.


Set in a universe that greatly resembles the original FLASH GORDON serials from the 1930’s with the kind of delightfully terrible effects anyone familiar with old movies will remember with fondness. And it is a loving send-up of both the genre itself and it’s fans. The scenes at the convention will bring back memories for anyone who has been to a few of them. It’s a nerdy film made by fans for fans, especially the hardcore fans. Of course, a lot of the humor will be appreciated by everyone, such as a sped-up sequence of a giant lizard chasing hostile tribesmen scored to resemble a skit from THE BENNY HILL SHOW. But it’s the more devoted and longtime fans who will get the most out of this.

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TPMBIARH as it’s makers refer to it has picked up several awards during its festival run including Best Independent Film (Supreme Award) – Starburst Film Festival 2016 and Best Comedy – Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2016. an extremely well written and shot film it’s the kind of labor of love the film industry could use more of.

THIS PAPIER MACHE BOULDER IS ACTUALLY REALLY HEAVY will be getting a limited theatrical release in the US on Jan 19th, 2018 with dates in LA, New York, Austin, Portland and more to be announced. Check the film’s website for updated information.

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