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Back in 2006 a little film by the name of SURGE OF POWER: THE STUFF OF HEROES was released. It told the origin of Surge, the world’s first out and proud gay superhero. It pretty much disappeared without a trace. I’d never even heard of it until I was offered SURGE OF POWER: REVENGE OF THE SEQUEL to review.  After watching the second film, I know seeing the first is now a priority for me when I get out from under this pile of screeners.

REVENGE OF THE SEQUEL picks up years after the original. The Metal Master (John T. Venturini) has been released from jail. Surge (Vincent J. Roth) tries to help him go straight while he attempts to reconcile with his parents, who have disowned him. Not because he’s a supervillain, but because he’s gay. Sadly, he falls under the influence of uber-villain, Augur (Eric Roberts, DEADLY FAMOUS, SOMETHING). Can Surge, with the help of his mentor, Omen (Nichelle Nichols STAR TREK) defeat the forces of evil and bring the Metal Master back from the Dark Side?


The first thing you’ll notice about REVENGE OF THE SEQUEL is just how campy it is. Think of the old BATMAN tv show and you’ll have an idea of what to expect. The next thing you’ll notice is how low budget it is, There’s what looks like Dr. Who’s TARDIS in one scene, and it looks like it was made out of construction paper. This is a film made with a big heart, not a big budget and it shows. The film wears its low budget with pride, coming up with some incredibly clever ways to stretch its budget. The enthusiasm of the cast, crew and the multitude of celebrities who cameo in the film shine through constantly.


This is a very LGBTQ oriented film. I had absolutely no problem with this but those with issues on that front may be better off skipping this film. For those on the fence about seeing it, expect a superhero type plot but with same-sex attractions and a cast that includes Vegas drag queens. I’m not gay and I had a blast watching this, so there’s no reason you won’t too.

SURGE OF POWER: REVENGE OF THE SEQUEL will be released by Indie Rights on January 5, 2018, in Los Angeles, expand to New York on January 19 and continue on nationwide.

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