Memento Mori

Review: MEMENTO MORI (2012)

We’ve all had relationships come to a bad end. While some certainly go out in a blaze of screaming, yelling and flying objects, most simply end on a sad, quiet note, not the emotional dramatics Hollywood would have you believe. MEMENTO MORI captures that reality in eight stark black and white minutes.

Todd and Kerri are breaking up, technically they already have. She’s left and has come back for her stuff. In these last few minutes, they can either find a reason to salvage things or go their separate ways for good. There’s no clever dialogue or flashy dramatics. Just the real world aftermath of love gone wrong.

Cody Masalkoski and Christine Therrian give wonderfully natural performances, and the film’s black and white photography matches the film’s tone perfectly. Director Michael McCallum, (TWO FOR THE SHOW, FOREWORD) has a talent for shorts and it shows here.

A well-observed slice of life, MEMENTO MORI, is available as part of the Rebel Pictures Shorts Vol. 1 DVD at

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