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Man has always been fascinated by the strange and the unknown. There’s still strong interest in UFOs and cryptozoology. Bigfoot has even become something of a cultural icon. However, what is more, controversial is the area in which these phenomena are said to intersect. The shadowy realm filled with strange encounters, alleged government cover-ups, the mysterious Men In Black and so much more. It’s here that Seth Breedlove goes with his documentary INVASION ON CHESTNUT RIDGE.

Focusing on bizarre occurrences along the geological formation of the same name in Western Pennsylvania, INVASION ON CHESTNUT RIDGE documents alleged events from 1965 to the present day. Beginning with the Kecksburg UFO crash on December 9, 1965, when what was first reported as a fireball grew into an incident that involved a large acorn-shaped craft landing nearby and assorted military and government agencies covering matters up.

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There’s also the incident referred to as The Fayette County Occurrence, which directly connects Bigfoot and UFOs. Whether fact or fiction, that’s a creepy story. There are also several less dramatic but still interesting stories of lights in the sky, hairy critters and even a giant bird or two.

The stories are told by way of interviews with witnesses, some news footage and animated recreations of the events. The animation is well done, if a bit on the overly dramatic side. It frequently looks like something from a Scooby-Doo cartoon. Going for less of a horror film look might have worked better.

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How convincing this will all depend on the viewer. INVASION ON CHESTNUT RIDGE doesn’t have any newly discovered footage or long-suppressed evidence to help make its case. This will play better to those who already believe. Others may find it interesting, if not convincing. I was reminded of the books I read when I was younger and was deeply into this kind of phenomenon. Books like John Keel’s THE MOTHMAN PROPHESIES (about all the movie kept was the title) and CREATURES OF THE OUTER EDGE by Jerome Clarke and Loren Coleman. It certainly held my interest, even if I wasn’t totally convinced Men In Black were really out there harassing kids in trailer parks.

This is Seth Breedlove’s fifth documentary on the topic of strange creatures and events, and he’s been recognized within the cryptozoological community for his work. He’s currently raising funds for a film about “Champ” the creature that allegedly lives in the depths of Lake Champlain.

INVASION ON CHESTNUT RIDGE is currently available on various VOD and streaming platforms via Terror Films.

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