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Review: HELL’S KITTY (2018)

Cats have always had an association with the supernatural. Whether worshiped as deities or accused of being the familiars of witches, the connection has always been there. With HELL’S KITTY, Nicholas Tana taps into this, adds a comedic twist and cameos from lots of familiar faces.

Nick (Nicholas Tana) is an aspiring screenwriter living in Hollywood with his cat, Angel. He’s single and Angel wants to keep it that way, attacking any girlfriend or even potential girlfriend he brings home. Most recently Lisa (Lisa Younger HIDE, COLD CREEPY FEELING) who is now threatening to sue him. As the carnage gets worse, he and his best friend Adam (Adam Rucho) begin an increasingly desperate search for a solution.

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From a pet therapist Dr. Laurie Strode (Nina Kate GUN WOMAN) to priests Father Damian (Doug Jones, HELLBOY, THE 5th PASSENGER) and Father Blatty (Bill Oberst Jr., CIRCUS OF THE DEAD, LIFECHANGER). They even resort to gypsies The Medium (Lynn Lowry TERROR TALES, THE CRAZIES) and her sister Esmeralda (Kelli Maroney, THE DEEP ONES, THE ZERO BOYS). But the answer may lie with Rosemary, an ex Nick can’t even remember.

HELL’S KITTY has been a web series and then a webcomic, and now it’s a movie, sort of. The feature is actually edited together from the show with newly shot wraparound footage. The result is that it feels episodic, almost like binge-watching a show on Netflix on a smaller scale.

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The film still works, but its pace is odd as characters come in, do their thing and exit to be replaced by the next set of cameos. And there are plenty of cameos. Apart from the ones already mentioned, there’s Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYES, SHED OF THE DEAD) as Detective Pluto, Dale Midkiff (PET SEMATARY, THE CROW: SALVATION) as Rosemary Carrie and Adrienne Barbeau (THE FOG, HOAX) as her mother. And that’s still not all of them.

I suspect the overlap between horror nerds and cat lovers is fairly significant, (I share my apartment with three felines), and they will appreciate this film the most. Others can enjoy it for the myriad of genre references and in-jokes.

HELL’S KITTY is available on VOD March 13 and on DVD March 27 from Wild Eye Releasing

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