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Jennifer the SHE-WOLF Review

Jennifer the SHE-WOLF, #1 “The Mystery of the Undead” opens with a Gatsby-eqsue flashback, setting the backstory for our main character. A couple returning from a rare night out stumble upon a violent scene blocking their way. Rushing to help, Jennifer’s husband is attacked and killed by the still hunting werewolf. The beast leaves Jennifer alive, but cursed with the gift of lycanthropy and immortality.

Flash forward to 2017. We find Jennifer unaged, fighting scores of undead after transforming into a werewolf on command. Unknown to her, a young onlooker watches in disbelief and joins her outside to get a clearer view, getting swept into the fray. After many zombies have been slain, Jennifer is quick to flee the scene. She leaves behind a police badge for the young man to find, who commits to investigating further despite narrowly escaping the clutches of the undead.

Fans of the Universal Monsters will quickly identify the inspirations behind the story and the art. There was some confusion reading, I had to make assumptions that the main character is Jennifer from the title of the comic, as the names of the characters are never mentioned in dialogue. I hope author Luis Cruz continues to work on his writing, as the mash up of retro monsters and detective noir is a great setting for a good story, which has been proven by the series Blacksad.

Cruz also includes a short bio on himself and the history behind the creation of the book. He takes you through some of the ups and downs of the indie comic book world, including dreams being made at New York Comic Con (where else?).

Artist Miguelangel Ruiz brings a great combination of styles. I was immediately brought back to the 1941 film The Wolf Man. The change in style at the time jump also was appreciated, switching to a  nostalgic 1990s cartoon color palette.

Check the book out on Comixology and support indy creators!

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