News: IT’S WATCHING Demonic Possession With A Twist


I’ve just recently heard of IT’S WATCHING, a short gearing up for shooting in the UK. The film has a twist that immediately got my attention and I had to share it.


IT’S WATCHING is an original horror film from writer/director Anthony Cole. Based off his original feature film script of the same name which is currently doing the rounds with producer’s in L.A and London,  that aims to do bring something truly original to the horror genre, to create a horror film where the demon itself knows that it’s in a film, and is the creative force behind the film itself.

“With this project, our team is pooling over ten years of experience to conjure up a terrifying film that will combine a unique story-line reminiscent of films like Memento and The Shining with the 4th wall breaking, meta techniques of films like Deadpool. Think a man with no memory, possessed by a demon that is the creative force behind the film itself, subtly targeting the audience itself. We are committed to bringing revolution to the way audiences see “demons” in popular horror film culture.” Anthony Cole

Yeah, you read that right, the demon in the movie is creating the movie. That’s a hell of an idea and should be pretty wild if they can pull it off.  Want to hear a little more? Here’s their plot summary

It’s important to us that we do not spoil the film, whilst we have told you guys that the film has a demon that knows it’s in a film, the story-line is left spoiler free and there are many twists and turns in the film.

Our story takes place in an isolated cabin that has become a gruesome scene of blood, gore, and violence. A man suffering from amnesia finds himself trapped in here with no memory of previous events. He holds a crowbar in his bloodied and bruised hands as he’s carving a message into a giant wall of carvings. He struggles to remember who he is or what he’s doing, he knows that something terrible is in this cabin with him and is causing him immeasurable pain. He tells himself that he must kill himself now, in a fury of rage and pain, he swings the crowbar at his head, just before it hits him —

— He’s transported into a different location, the crowbar now vanished. His body is in the same position and his emotions are still high, except now he cannot remember a thing. He begins to explore this creepy, gruesome cabin, he cannot escape the boarded-up windows or doors. He finds a series of gruesome horrific messages that have been carved into his own body that indicate a demon is somewhere and he must find a way to expel it. He explores further, he does he comes across a dead body. He listens to a voice-recording left by her, the voice recording explains that she is an exorcist and tried to exorcise a demon out of him but it went horribly wrong, she explains how it’s wiping his memory and making him forget things as it bides it’s time to re-possess him fully again. He must now find a way to exorcise the demon or escape before it takes him over again completely.

More details are available at the film’s Indiegogo page


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