News: Monster Pictures Announces Worldwide DVD Details for Queer Rock n Roll Comedy FAGS IN THE FAST LANE!


Monster Pictures is Thrilled to Unleash Josh Sinbad Collins’ Queer Trashploitation Sensation FAGS IN THE FAST LANE on the World this June! 
The Oz action-comedy features appearances by Russ Meyer muse Kitten Natividad and rock n’ roll knockouts THE MUMMIES and KING KHAN AND HIS TANDOORI KNIGHTS!
Check out the new retro teaser today!
Fags In the Fast Lane
This one-of-a-kind film is now available for pre-order ahead of its June 1st worldwide DVD release by Monster Pictures
Watch the special FAGS IN THE FAST LANE promo teaser HERE!
A direct download link can be found here
Celebrate Pride Month with trashploitation wunderkind Josh Sinbad Collins’ (the deviant genius behind cult sensation PERVIRELLA) return to the cinema spotlight with the low-fi extravaganza FAGS IN THE FAST LANE.
Following in the tradition of queer classics such as THE GAY DECEIVERS, PINK ANGELS and ZORRO THE GAY BLADE, FAGS IN THE FAST LANE is a glorious, hyper-real fantasy, packed to the gills with bizarre characters, revolting villains, grotesque burlesque, eunuch assassins, androgynous Elvis’s. Backed by some of the raunchiest rock n’ roll on the planet from the likes of ‘The Mummies’, ‘King Khan and his Tandoori Knights’ and more!
FAGS IN THE FAST LANE is a depraved mashup that’ll have you laughing and gagging from the first frame to the very last. Brimming with old school special effects and mind-boggling visual illusions the deranged smorgasbord will leave you begging for more.
“FAGS IN THE FAST LANE is an all-out celebration of all we love in cinema, it’s trashy and vile, beautiful and sweet, sexy and surreal all in the same breath-” says Psychotronic auteur Josh Sinbad Collins, “it’s like the bastard love child of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or a road trip to disco Armageddon if John Waters and Tarantino were sharing the driving!”
The film is written by Steven G Michael and stars Russ Meyer’s most iconic starlet and muse, KITTEN NATIVIDAD, cult retro rock legend KING KHAN, the Mexican Elvis, EL VEZ, and with narration by Aussie rock maestro TEX PERKINS. The film has left audiences bug-eyed and salivating from its world premiere November 2017 and following its extensive screening tour.

Critics too have been giggling, gagging and gushing since it exposed itself on the world stage!
“This movie is reDICKulous, I gotta get me my own Golden C**k” Peaches
 “FAGS IN THE FAST LANE’ IS THE TRASHY QUEERSPLOITATION MOVIE THE WORLD NEEDS RIGHT NOW…One of the most over the top campy trashfests ever” Christopher Bickel, Dangerous Minds
“The mood is madcap, as pop-art expressionism meets ’60s trash meets Benny Hill action” Craig Mathieson, Sydney Morning Herald
“Terrifically tawdry, gloriously distasteful… 4/5 stars.” Simon Foster, Screen Space
FAGS IN THE FAST LANE Special Collectors Edition DVD is available for PRE-ORDER NOW at The Zombie Zoo Shop ahead of its worldwide release June 1st and includes:
– Reversible sleeve
– Audio commentary with auteur Josh “Sinbad” Collins, DOP/Special Effects Stuart Simpson and writer Stephen G. Michael
– The King Khan and BBQ Show Music Video “Illuminations”
– Trailers and teasers
– The Cartoons of Lluis Fuzzhound the artist behind the retro title sequence.
– World Premiere Featurette
– Fold-out insert Poster, with illustrations by brilliant Brazilian artist, Juarez Ricci.
– Collector’s edition bumper sticker
There’s adventures, there’s misadventures, then there’s this adventure… FAG IN THE FASTLANE is like a packed jockstrap of color, sleaze and pure unbridled, life-affirming joy!
Monster Pictures in conjunction with Collins’ Zombie Zoo Productions marks the occasion of today’s announcement with the first look at the DVD art and the unforgettable ‘Collector Edition’ teaser/trailer.

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