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The Evil Bong films were never Full Moon’s strongest franchise. They mostly come off as half-hearted and half-baked efforts aimed at an audience too fully baked to notice. But somebody must be watching them because here we are on the seventh instalment, (eighth if you include GINGERDEAD MAN VS EVIL BONG), EVIL BONG 777. Although it seems wrong to count it as a full instalment as it runs under an hour including credits. That may also be its strongest point.

Evil Bong 777 A

Picking up from the end of EVIL BONG 666, (which I haven’t seen), Ebee, Faux Batty (Robin Sydney, FDR: AMERICAN BADASS!, AMERICAN MUSCLE), Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis, KILL OR BE KILLED), Misty (Jessica Morris, CHASE, THE 6th FRIEND) and The Gingerweed Man escape from Sexy Hell and head to Vegas, because why not? However, Lucy Furr (Mindy Robinson, ANTIDOTE, THE 5TH PASSENGER) is planning her own escape and revenge against them.

The franchise has long given up even the most tenuous ties to actual horror. Now it’s simply a collection of stoner jokes, cameos by other Full Moon characters and bare skin. And the amount of that on display is surprising. EVIL BONG HIGH-5 was pretty much PG-13 material. EVIL BONG 777, on the other hand, has boobs, full-frontal and a couple of surprisingly graphic human on puppet scenes. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, mind you, just giving a heads-up as it were.

Evil Bong 777

There isn’t really a plot to speak of. Everyone just wanders aimlessly from one encounter to the next before the film’s climax. And that literally runs out of power and stops in its tracks. And then comes the “twist” that sets up the next sequel. It’s all very depressingly by the numbers. It’s been a long time since I’ve expected any kind of greatness from Full Moon, but at one time it did give us films like CASTLE FREAK and THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM. Owner Charles Band, (who directed this) has a career that goes back to the 1970s and has various credits on films like TOURIST TRAP and RE-ANIMATOR. Seeing him churning this kind of crap out is painful.

EVIL BONG 777 premiered on 4/20, (of course), on Hulu, Amazon Prime & Full Moon Streaming.

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