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Review: HOUSE SHARK (2017)

Ron Bonk and SRS Cinema have been a part of the microbudget film world since 1992. Although not well known in more mainstream circles, he’s been involved with an incredible number of films as a writer/director/producer/distributor. The films he’s directed include the infamous STRAWBERRY ESTATES and the well-received SHE KILLS. Now we can add HOUSE SHARK to the list.

Newly divorced Frank (Trey Harrison, SHE KILLS, NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE) ventures out on his first date since becoming single again. He returns to find the babysitter naked on the toilet. She’s also being devoured by something in the toilet. Some people have poltergeist issues, Frank has a house shark problem. After a disastrous attempt at simply selling the house and moving on, he calls in the world’s leading, (and only), house shark expert Zachary (Michael Merchant, EMPIRE STATE OF THE DEAD). Aided by the bitter, vengeance-seeking former real estate agent Abraham (Wes Reid LIGHTS CAMERA DEAD, CLAY) they embark on a quest to destroy the creature.

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As you can tell, it’s JAWS but in a house, and played for laughs. How funny you’ll find it depends on your sense of humor. It’s silly, slapstick, juvenile, and filled with jokes about various body functions. Intentionally bad effects and skewering of genre clichés abound. Quite a bit of it was just too silly for my tastes, but there’s an audience for this kind of spoof. They’ll find the over-the-top humour right up their alley.

HOUSE SHARK is well done from a technical standpoint despite its ultra-low budget. Years of practice have enabled Ron and his crew to get the most out of every dollar and put it on the screen. Marcus Koch (WE ARE STILL HERE, MOHAWK) delivers the bloody, silly, and in some cases, bloody silly effects. They fit the film’s tone perfectly, and it was fun seeing him do something less realistic than his usual gory effects.

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Coming in at an hour and fifty-two minutes, though, HOUSE SHARK does drag at points. It would be hard to make any comedy work for that long. Something this outrageous needs to stick to a shorter running time to avoid wearing its concept out. At ninety minutes, this would have been perfect

Genre fans with a sense of humour should enjoy HOUSE SHARK. Those with a sillier sense of humour will probably love it. It’s currently playing festivals and is available via its Indiegogo page.

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  1. House Shark trailer has teeth. Always trolling for horror humour with bite. Thanks for the review.

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