All Over Again

Review: ALL OVER AGAIN (2017)

It’s a nearly universal story and one we can all relate to. The needs of everyday life force us to put our dreams and passions aside. Maybe temporarily, but often permanently, they’re put aside in favor of more practical pursuits. Joseph McGovern’s (HUSHALL OVER AGAIN is a sixteen-minute short about finding the courage to come back and reclaim those dreams.

Gregory (Joseph Fuoco) is an older guy who spends a lot of time at the Bus Stop Music Café, a local open mic type establishment. He enjoys the performers but never takes the stage himself, despite having been a talented musician in his younger days. He gave it up to focus on his wife Victoria (Constance Reshey) and their son (Mahdi Shaji).

But dreams die hard. He’s been quietly writing music again. But can he find the nerve to get back up on stage after all these years?

Told both in the present and via flashbacks ALL OVER AGAIN, is a nice, heartwarming little film. It hits all the right notes with its message about believing in oneself and it never being too late to make a dream happen.

However, at sixteen minutes, it feels long for its simple story. Possibly replacing some of the footage of other performers in the club with more of Gregory’s story would have helped. Maybe a twist to give the story a bit more conflict or suspense. That or just shortening it to maybe ten minutes.

Currently on the festival circuit where it’s won several awards, ALL OVER AGAIN is a good film, but tighter editing would have made it better.

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