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Review: A WISH FOR GIANTS (2018)

We’ve been on a bit of a Bigfoot kick the last couple of weeks, with reviews of PRIMAL RAGE and THE BACK 80. Now we have A WISH FOR GIANTS which is a bit different both for its genre and for this site. We don’t get many heartwarming family films sent to us, and that’s what this is.

Nine-year-old Roxie (Alexa Mechling, Occurrence at Mills Creek) is suffering from an inoperable brain tumour. Her family and doctors reach out to the Make A Wish foundation. Roxie, however, has an unusual wish, she wants to meet Bigfoot. Her wish lands on the desk of a summer intern, Sophie (Naysa Altmeyer). Sophie becomes determined to make her wish come true. But there are those who would spoil it and use it for their own ends.

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The script by Aaron Dunbar (based on his own novel) and director Don Swanson (WHAT WAS LOST, OCCURANCE AT MILL CREEK) knows what it wants to be and stays focused on it. It doesn’t stray into extraneous comedy as many dramas do. Or into thrills and scares which might be expected from a film with a giant hairy creature. It helps that the film is also relatively short, running about an hour without the credits.

Obviously shot on a low budget, A WISH FOR GIANTS does have its issues. For most of the cast, this is their only credit on IMDB. The result is performances that vary in quality from impressive to embarrassing. There are also a few technical bugs, most notably a sound level that keeps changing. I had to adjust the volume more than once while watching it. But, as anyone who’s seen more than a few indie films can tell you, those are minor issues. Overall, the film is well shot and looks good.

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A WISH FOR GIANTS is aimed at younger viewers, who should enjoy it. The film also should hold the interest of any adults watching along with them. And that’s a lot more than I can say for most films like it.

A WISH FOR GIANTS is playing scattered dates across the country, you can find out where at the film’s website or on its Facebook page. If it isn’t playing near you, it can be ordered on DVD or Blu-ray via the website. And thanks to Joe Fishel (The Horrific Evil Monsters), who plays Senator Jeb Boehm in the film, for hooking me up with the screener.

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