Review: WHITE GOODS (2018)

When a film begins by introducing a hero named Rio Tard (Richard Rowbotham, DAY OF THE STRANGER, FEAST FOR THE BEAST) it’s a good indication it’s not going to be a subtle film. And WHITE GOODS, the debut feature by Bazz Hancher (FILMS FROM A BROKEN MIND)is anything but subtle. Part BAD TASTE era Peter Jackson, part Monty Python with an extra dose of gross-out humour, WHITE GOODS is a film you will either wet yourself laughing at or turn off halfway through.

Rio is called to do some work at an estate while famous medium Keef Raven (Mark Lee Jones, SPIDERLINGS, JURASSIC PREDATOR) is holding a séance. Rio finds a silver box hidden in the wall and manages to free a demon trapped inside. Now possessed by that demon, Rio leaves a trail of bodies behind him as the demon preys on his customers. Customers, who include most of the guests at a certain séance.

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Now it’s up to Keef to stop the carnage. But can he get the oblivious Rio to agree to the ceremony needed to banish the demon?

WHITE GOODS targets everything and anything that crosses the mind of co-writers Hancher and Rowbotham. Incest, shit eating and all manner of stupid behaviour provide some genuinely gross laughs. The film also isn’t afraid to diverge a bit to bring in a few more laughs. Sebastian (Adam Woodhouse) the film’s narrator and his hemorrhoids, (and eventual killing spree) for example.

On the other hand, there are also a few tired gay/transvestite stereotypes that were old when I saw them on THE BENNY HILL SHOW back in the day. These still seem to be a staple of British humour, though. Can we please get some new and slightly more realistic ones?

White Goods 1

WHITE GOODS is a horror-comedy and along with the laughs, it delivers some suitably gory deaths. There’s some CGI for the various bits of demonic magic, but the gore is done with old-fashioned practical effects. Particularly impressive is a death by drier and a gunshot to the head. They’re impressive by any standards, let alone on this kind of low budget.

The easily offended will hate WHITE GOODS. Those with a stronger sense of humour, and stronger stomachs should find lots to laugh at. If that’s you, then you might want to look for the collections of Hancher’s short films Blast from the Past and Films from a Broken Mind.

You can order WHITE GOODS from the White Raven Films website and keep updated on further release dates via its Facebook page.

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