Review: ANOTHER WOLFCOP (2017)

Released in 2014, WOLFCOP was a surprise hit, and it deserved to be, with its mix of over the top violence and defiantly crude humour. Now, three years later, we have the sequel ANOTHER WOLFCOP, picking up right after the original. Can writer/director Lowell Dean pull it off a second time?

This time out evil rich guy Sydney Swallows (Yannick Bisson MURDOCH MYSTERIES) plans to bring a new brewery and hockey rink to Woodhaven. Mayor Bubba (Kevin Smith SCREAM 3, CLERKS) and most of the town are delighted, beer and hockey, what else could a Canadian town want?

Of course, there’s a catch. Chicken Milk Stout, (slogan “Slam A Cold Cock!”) has some special ingredients, and yes, lizard people are involved. Once again, Officer Lou Garou aka WolfCop (Leo Fafard, SUPERGRID) Tina (Amy Matysio VAMPIRE DOG) and a resurrected Willie (Jonathan Cherry GOON) have to save Woodhaven.


ANOTHER WOLFCOP is the original on steroids. More blood, more boobs, more gore, and even raunchier jokes. So if you loved the original and don’t mind the more of the same approach you should love this. If, on the other hand, you like sequels that mix things up a bit, you’ll be disappointed.

I fell somewhere in the middle. More of a good thing is good, but a bit of variety keeps things interesting. The most ANOTHER WOLFCOP does to really shake things up is flip the roles in the werewolf sex scene. By the end of the film it was starting to get old, and it’s not that long a film. Hopefully, the promised third film will show a bit more originality.

On the plus side, the effects are much better as well as more numerous this time and despite a rough start, there are a lot of funny, (if familiar), moments. It’s also great to see a film that’s this proudly Canadian, (filmed here in Saskatchewan, no less). It has a plot that revolves around hockey and beer, and even steals from STRANGE BREW. There are cameos by several members of Astron-6, and not only is Strange Animal on the soundtrack, Larry Gowan (SHE NEVER DIED) even has a cameo.


For those that haven’t seen the original, you can still enjoy the sequel, but picking up some of the threads may be difficult. This is a good excuse to go watch the original, making them a double feature is optional, beer isn’t.

R LJE Films will release the horror, comedy film ANOTHER WOLFCOP on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Video on July 3, 2018 The Blu-ray screener I saw it on had some nice features “The Making of Another WolfCop,” “Friends & Foes: Meet the Cast,” “The Monster Shop: Special FX,” “Shoot or Die! Surviving On Set,” and “Barn Burner” music video by Shooting Guns. Sadly there wasn’t a director/cast commentary track which could have been very interesting.

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