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Having just reviewed DEAD HOUSE, I was pleasantly surprised to find the next film on my list OUIJA SEANCE: THE FINAL GAME was another piece of Italian horror. Andrea Mugnaini goes in an entirely different direction here, with a fairly formulaic tale of youth-oriented supernatural goings-on.

Sarah inherits a house in the woods from a grandmother she never knew she had. With their plans for the weekend cancelled, she and her friends decide to party there for the weekend. They find a hidden room with all manner of odd items, including an odd looking Ouija board. Of course, they get drunk and mess with it. And of course, they call up something evil.


This film is a bit of a mystery. Apart from press releases and reviews, I can find almost nothing about it online. There’s no mention of it on IMDB at all. A bit of digging found a couple of references to a film called THE SHADOW with some of the same credits but no plot info.

I have no idea why the film is so under the radar. It’s certainly not a disaster that all concerned would want to hide. It’s a well shot and acted film with some good camera work. The script, however, is completely by the numbers and takes too long to get going.

Ouija Seance

There’s way too much time spent on strange dreams and shadowy figures. It’s creepy but drags on too long, there are only about fifteen minutes left when the demon finally makes its move. By then it’s too little too late, although it was nice to see the crazy old man spouting warnings actually be involved in the plot for once.

OUIJA SEANCE: THE FINAL GAME is well shot and looks good. But it spends too much time on the build-up with too little payoff. It’s been done too often already, and with much more flair and energy.

OUIJA SEANCE: THE FINAL GAME is available on VOD via High Octane Films. DVD release is scheduled for August 3rd.

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