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Review: THE LAST AIRBNB (2017)

A twelve-minute short playing on travellers’ fears and horror clichés, Logan O’Neill’s THE LAST AIRBNB is a fun way to kill some time.

Trevor (Nick Vernon, who also wrote and produced the short) has to travel and is having second thoughts about having booked lodgings through an app on his phone. The house looks a bit unkempt and the owner (Tom Gore) looks like Buddy from SLAUGHTERHOUSE. From here, the script sets up and then deflates a number of serial killer/slasher tropes in quite humorous ways. Of course, the best is saved for a final laugh. Granted, fans of a certain NFL team might not find that one very funny.

The Last Air BnB 2

This is Logan O’Neill’s first credit as a director and he, fortunately, has two experienced, if unfamiliar, actors to make things easier. Actually, genre fans may recognize Tom Gore from another comedic short, KNOB GOBLINS. Regardless, having a cast that knows what to do in front of the camera shows its advantage here.

THE LAST AIRBNB picked up some awards on its festival run, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a light, funny piece that makes great use of one location and a couple of actors. Never trying to be too clever, it delivers some chuckles and gets out before it starts to drag. That’s something I can’t say about a lot of short films. Or features that should have been shorts for that matter.

THE LAST AIRBNB is available on Streamlette and other streaming services.

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