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Review: AN HOUR TO KILL (2018)

A while back I reviewed the feature version of the web series DEAD KANSAS, an interesting take on the zombie film that drew inspiration from THE WIZARD OF OZ among other things. Well, it took a few years, but its director Aaron Carter is back with a horror/crime film hybrid called AN HOUR TO KILL.

After a hit gone wrong, two mob enforcers Frankie (Frankie Pozos) and Gio (Aaron Guerrero, DEAD KANSAS) have an hour to wait before they make their next move. As they wait to carry out Mr. Kinski’s (Mel Novak GAME OF DEATH, TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN) instructions, they tell a trio of stories to pass the time.

“Valkyrie’s Bunker” sees five girls looking for a stash of weed find a bunker allegedly built by the Nazis. Doesn’t make a lot of sense since the film is set in California. But there is a canister of Zyklon B lying around. And a creeper in a gas mask.

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A weak take on slasher films with off-screen kills. The girls, including Heidi (Stephanie Strehlow DEVIL’S DOMAIN) and Denise (Alexya Garcia) are dressed more for the mall than hiking in the woods, so at least there’s some eye candy.

“Assacre” is a bit of gross-out horror-comedy involving competitive eating, revenge and legendarily hot peppers. The only outright comedy of the three episodes, it breaks things up nicely and features a cute appearance by Luna Meow (THINGS 4) as herself.

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“Hog Hunters” concludes the stories with a seriously messed up tale about a bowling team planning to initiate a new member with a night of hogging. However, they get a whole different kind of hogging thanks to a farmer who loves his livestock a bit too much. Bestiality, monsters and general wrongness abound here. Watch for director Carter’s cameo as Grey Hog as well as another DEAD KANSAS alum Keisuke Akizawa (MAD GENIUS, GEHENNA: WHERE DEATH LIVES).

Then it’s back to Mr. Kinski’s for the wrap up that involves pickup artists Vince Kelvin and Arash Dibazar. And of course, there’s a little surprise at the end.

For a microbudget film, AN HOUR TO KILL looks quite good and features decent enough acting. It is short on effects, even most of the gunshots are bloodless, so don’t expect a gorefest. If the idea of a lost Quentin Tarantino film made for Troma appeals to you, then this is your film.

AN HOUR TO KILL is available on Amazon.

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