A while back we reviewed Warren Speed’s twisted little ditty COULROPHOBIA. Well, he’s at it again and is on IndieGoGo raising funds for his latest epic DIRTY TUPPENCE, a tale of two all-female rock band who hit the road on what promises to be an unforgettable tour. I’ll let him tell you the details, or you can read the PDF here Dirty Tuppence The Movie An Overview or check out Warren’s website.

“Dirty Tuppence” is the sixth feature-length film production that
entertainment company Media Excentrique will have produced since 2009.
All of their previous releases – three horror movies, a spoof documentary
about the 2016 “clown panic”, and a 150minute documentary about latex
are on worldwide DVD/VOD release.

“Dirty Tuppence” is planned to be filmed from Jan 21 – Feb 11 in 2019,
primarily in London but with some scenes being filmed in other parts of
England. This movie has already been offered a worldwide distribution deal
when completed, but it will be shown to other companies before we make a
Set in the present day, the film centres on two all-female rock bands who are
midway through an incident-packed UK tour together – up and coming
support band Dirty Tuppence and the million-selling, arrogant headliners
Apocalypstik.Dirty-Tuppence-The-Movie--004Both bands are being followed and documented by the ‘Degenerate TV’
rockshow presenter and his cameraman – and what they witness is equal
parts ridiculous, exciting, shocking and downright farcical!
This is a dark comedy with thrills and spills at every turn, focussing on the
relationships the band members destroy with everyone they meet. And whenever the two bands are in close proximity the sparks more than fly …
they explode into a million pieces !!!

The Producers of “Dirty Tuppence” are Warren Speed (50) and Paul Andrews
(51), who are also the film’s Co-Directors – both of whom have many years of
experience in the film industry as well as in marketing and other forms of

The Director of Photography is Tom Barker, again with years of previous
movie cinematography experience and he will be using the high spec 5k
resolution Red Dragon camera – which will ensure that visually the film will
be stunning.

The main cast includes …
Joe Pasquale – the high pitched British TV and stage comedian who is
also a big fan of rock music!
Tony ‘Abaddon’ Bray – ex-drummer of the massively influential black
metal band Venom, who has also managed bands and tours, as well as
being a qualified pyrotechnician!
Pete Bennett – voted the most popular ever winner of UK’s “Big Brother”
show, who has since starred in numerous independent movies (including
three of Warren’s).
Krusher Joule – Very well known rock music presenter and designer.
Dani Divine, Rebecca Crow and Amber Doig-Thorne – all three being
actress/model/performers – and who between them have a total of
around eight million social media followers!

Warren Speed – lead male in three of his own previous movies, as well
as being an experienced media presenter and live compere. He is also
the UK’s longest serving male burlesque performer, and bass player in an
amateur rock band.

Besides the main cast, the movie will feature cameo appearances by a
number of well-known rock musicians and bands – largely gathered by
Warren Speed who genuinely presents a worldwide online rockshow, as well
as promoting and DJing the very popular Grindhouse Rock Night in Newcastle
Upon Tyne.

One of the quirkiest aspects of this movie is the appearance of two talking
dogs who are witty, sarcastic and rather world-weary … and although not
having a huge amount of screen time they still have some of the best lines in the script !!

So head over to IndieGoGo and give Warren a hand.

Jim Morazzini

Movie buff, gym rat and crazy cat guy

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