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Abortion is one of the most divisive issues of our time. One that has frequently led to violence and murder. Not surprisingly, it’s been the subject in one way or another of several genre films, from the over the top creature antics of THE SUCKLING to the Christian propaganda of THE LIFE ZONE to the chillingly plausible SHE WHO MUST BURN. Now, two years after its premiere, Chris Moore’s (PERVERSION, A STRANGER AMONG THE LIVING) entry in the genre, BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN, is finally coming to home video.

Traci (Kaley Ball) has recently lost her father and broken up with her abusive boyfriend Ben (Jordan Boyd). She finds herself pregnant by the town stud and condemned for it by her mother (Cheryl Abernathy) and sees only one solution. With the support of her friends Erin (Arian Thigpen) and Mandy (Keni Bounds), she gets an abortion.

The clinic is already plagued with protesters in disturbing masks, and after her visit, they seem to be stalking her as well. Along with other, less explainable occurrences.


Shot for a budget of $1,000 according to IMDB, BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN is a triumph of talent over budget. It looks good and apart from a few glitches the audio is clear and understandable. I’d actually not be surprised to find out IMDB left a “0” out of that figure.

There are some nasty kills, rendered with practical effects in some cases and using clever editing in others, such as the elevator killing, to avoid the need for them. It’s much better than CGI blood spray and fits in with the 80s slasher vibe the film gives off. Unlike them, however, the film is a serious tease in the skin department with several baths, shower and changing sequences but no boobs. If you’re going to repeatedly tease, paying off at least once would be nice.


Dirty-minded complaints aside, this is an excellent slasher with a wicked final act and one hell of a final girl. It also manages to avoid lecturing from either a pro-choice or pro-life position and lets the film work as a thriller.

BLESSED ARE THE CHILDREN will be premiering on DVD and VOD October 23 from Wild Eye Releasing. Double feature it with THE LULLABY for more baby momma drama.

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