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Who doesn’t want to be famous? Mick certainly does, and he’s found the secret to fame, one that’s worked for everyone from Tod Browning to Judy Garland and Jim Morrison. There are just a couple of little catches…

DEAD CELEBRITIES is an eleven-minute short from writer/director Michael Fausti (THE INGRESS TAPES, EXIT) that casts a dark eye and sinister grin on our obsession with both fame and conspiracy theories. He creates his own while tapping into some more common ones such as the “27 Club” and the death of the “French Elvis” Claude François.

It’s all set up so that it seems just crazy enough to almost be true. As with FURY OF THE DEMON, I actually did a bit of research to see just how much fact was mixed in with the fiction. That and the fact I’d never heard of Claude François before. I figured he, and his cause of death, had to have been invented. He, in fact, was real.


Fausti himself plays Mick, and he’s quite amusing as the guy who’s got fame all figured out. He’s willing to do what it takes, even though he’ll have to make a few sacrifices. He also plays the various celebrities who turn up. Mathew Bayliss (Z.A.F.)has a bit less to do as Joe, but he perfectly catches the attitude you get when a co-worker starts talking about his next get rich quick scheme.

The film is dialogue driven, but the few bursts of blood and effects are well done and effective. I’m very interested in seeing EXIT, his upcoming feature film, currently in post-production.

In the meantime, DEAD CELEBRITIES is playing the festival circuit with upcoming screenings 13-14th October 2018 North East Wisconsin Horror fest, Wisconsin, November 3-4, Horror-Rama, Toronto, 16-18th Nov ‘18 Dark History Horror Con & Film Festival in Urbana, Illinois. You can check for other dates on their website and Facebook page.

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