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Review: THE INGRESS TAPES (2017)

A seven-minute short from Michael Fausti (DEAD CELEBRITIES) that utilizes super 8 “found” footage, narration and no actors appearing on-screen, THE INGRESS TAPES is very much an experimental piece.

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We hear the confessions/reminisces of a serial killer as the footage unspools on the screen. An old-fashioned reel to reel tape recorder, various landscapes filmed from a train and a variety of cityscapes with the occasional interior. The images have connections to what we hear, but they don’t tell the story. That’s all conveyed in a chillingly matter of fact manner by our unknown narrator.

Comparing himself to the businessmen he shares the train with, you get the feeling that killing is just a job for him. Judging by his willingness to kill off the clock as well, it’s also a job he enjoys. In listening to him though, the feel is less HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and more THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY or GET CARTER. This could easily be one of the ‘hard men” from those or any other of the crime films the British are so good at producing.

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Regardless of how you want to classify it, THE INGRESS TAPES is a chilling look into the mind of a psychopath. It’s screening 16-18th Nov ‘18 Dark History Horror Con & Film Festival in Urbana, Illinois. You can check for other dates on their website and Facebook page.

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