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Review: BLOODY NUN (2018)

Not even a week after my review of WELCOME TO MERCY in which I said there was a lack of nun oriented horror these days I got a message from writer/director Will Collazo Jr. (Faces of the Dead, Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown). He was wondering if I’d be willing to review his film BLOODY NUN. We’re always looking for films to review, and you can’t argue with timing like that.

We start with a YouTube type videomaker tracking down something spooky in his own home. Then we get into the main plot of the film, as a young nun (Jessica Collazo-Thomson) informs Mr. Shiva (Mark C. Fullhardt, The Irishman, Amityville Thanksgiving) that last night was the last night they would commit sin together. She’s right because he promptly kills her.

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We make another jump, this time to be introduced to various ghost hunters. There’s a competition to prove a house is haunted, the prize being one million dollars. Once we get to the house, we find out that the man behind it is none other than Mr. Shiva. There’s a Ouija Board and you can pretty much guess the rest.

Billed as a horror film, BLOODY NUN is actually a goofy parody of the genre. There’s no other way to take the characters, dialogue and acting except as parody. It’s shooting title THE OCCULTIST 2: DEMONS is also a clue because there isn’t a part one as far as I can tell.

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IMDB lists the film’s budget at $100,000, but that’s got to be a decimal place or two off. This is a very obviously shot on video microbudget film. What effects there are basic CGI, so the money didn’t go there. Despite the budget it is well shot, and the sound is always clear, something I can’t say for every film I watch.

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Once I realized this was a comedy and not spectacularly bad, I grinned quite a bit. Humour is a very subjective thing, and this is a bit sillier than I like. However, if films like HOUSE SHARK or CAMP DEATH 3 IN 2D are your thing, you should be happy with BLOODY NUN.

BLOODY NUN will arrive on Amazon Prime later this month, with a DVD/Blu-ray release planned for early November.

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