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Review: KILLER KATE! (2018)

KILLER KATE! Actually features two Kates, a human Kate (Alexandra Feld who also produced) and a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. By the end of Elliot Feld’s home invasion, horror/comedy, both will have earned their title. But will the film have earned our applause?

Kate and Angie (Danielle Burgess, THE SINNER) are sisters, sisters who haven’t spoken since Angie took off to college and left Kate to deal with their ailing father (Larry Cedar CONSTANTINE). Now Angie is getting married and Kate’s been invited to the bachelorette party. It’s being held in a secluded cabin rented via an Airbnb type app. At her father’s urging, Kate agrees to join her sister and her friends Sara (Amaris Davidson) and Mel (Abby Eiland).


Unbeknownst to them, however, the rental is a trap. Another family, led by their father Briskman (Robert Donovan SUNSET SOCIETY) and including psychotic Terry (Brandon Bales), neurotic Jimmy (Grant Lyon) and Christine (Tiffany Shepis STRANGE NATURE, TAR) are planning on crashing the party. They need to kill some people to avenge a “cosmic wrong”.

So we can see where the horror is coming from, but the comedy? Well, saying the killers are inept would be a compliment. Deciding to poison some champagne bottles, they start by removing the cork to pour the poison in. Not the sharpest blades in the knife drawer. It also causes a huge clash in tone between the serious scenes with Kate and her family. I wasn’t really sure which way the film was going to go for much of the first half.


Once everything kicks into gear, though, it turns into a bloody, silly mess. It never really manages to be overly scary due to the villain’s ineptness. It is gory fun however in a Roadrunner/Coyote kind of way though. Director Elliot Feld keeps us entertained watching elaborate plans fall into chaos with the greatest of ease, and maximum carnage. The final showdown between Kate and the killer’s patriarch is played straight, however, and does build some nice tension.

Add in a delightfully retro synth-based score, (I seem to be saying this a lot lately), as well as a sweet old Trans Am and KILLER KATE! has what it takes to be a fun time.

Freestyle Digital Media will release KILLER KATE! in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on October 26, 2018

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  1. Avoid Like The Plague !

    Utterly terrible effort of a movie which looked like it was filmed by students as a first time attempt.
    The sad thing is someone put the money up to produce this steaming turd and you have to ask yourself why they ever bothered because you ain’t making your money back on this pile of…

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