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Review: WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME (2018)

WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME is a 17 minute short from writer/director Andrew J.D. Robinson (THE BECKY CARMICHAEL FAN CLUB, WE ARE THE MISSING). It takes a clichéd premise, a young woman alone on Halloween Eve and gives it some interesting twists.

The film begins with a news broadcast recapping why Halloween has fallen out of favour in this small town, the disappearance of several young boys out trick or treating a few years back. Here in the present, Alice (Julie Landriault) is offered a last minute house sitting gig on Halloween Eve. She’s planning a quiet night of watching TV for some easy money. Until three persistent trick or treaters show up with plans of their own.

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From the setup we know whatever is going to involve the missing kids, but just how is kept well hidden until the film’s reveal. Along the way, we get some nicely done, creepy set pieces that move the plot along nicely. And WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME has almost perfect pacing for its plot and length. It doesn’t feel rushed or padded, two common problems with shorts.

Robinson works with a maximum of plot-driven suspense and minimal jump scares or effects. The few effects used are well done and just enough to make you imagine what you can’t see. It’s a good example of effective low budget filmmaking.

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You can check out the director’s work including TRICK R’ TREAT, the even shorter short that was the original version of WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME and THE BECKY CARMICHAEL FAN CLUB , at his website.

While you’re there you can also read about the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge which he runs every year. It’s too late to enter this year, but it’s not too soon to start planning for next year.

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