UGLY SWEATER PARTY from writer/director Aaron Mento (STANDARDS OF LIVING, 16 Bits) begins with intercut shots of somebody making one of the titular Christmas atrocities and serial killer Declan Rains (Sean Whalen THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS) being beaten to death during police interrogation, though not before vowing to come back for revenge. Unnoticed to all the ugly sweater he’s wearing begins to glow and soak up his spilled blood. BTW, did I mention this is a comedy?

Jump forward ten years, Cliff (Charles Chudabala THE CROSSING, GEHENNA: WHERE DEATH LIVES) and Jody (Hunter Johnson LILITH, IRRATIONAL FEAR) are heading off to camp to hook up with a pair of sleazy twins Samantha (Emily Dahm) and Susan (Tiffani Fest CIRCUS OF THE DEAD, CLOWN FEAR). Realizing en route that it’s an ugly sweater party they buy one worn by a homeless man. Yes, it’s that sweater. They also find out that the camp is a bible camp, the formerly slutty sisters are now born again sisters. How could the day get any worse? Well, Cliff could get possessed by Delcan’s spirit and go on a killing spree.

Ugly Sweater Party A

What we have here is some very non-PC, Troma style humor. The casting of Felissa Rose (SLEEPAWAY CAMP, THE CROSSING) as Mrs. Mandix should tell genre fans just what to expect. Scream queen, or should I say Queen of Screams Jennifer Nangle ( THE QUEEN OF SCREAMS: A HALLOWEEN SPECIAL) playing Sister Nipps is another good indication of what you’re in for.

The effects are a mixed bag, though this probably had more to do with a lack of budget as a lack of talent. UGLY SWEATER PARTY goes for over the top gore and effects, most of which are practical. The CGI seemed limited to the inevitable blood spray and some death ray blasts. Yes, the film has a death ray. It also has several sequences involving a heavy metal band, but that’s another matter.

Ugly Sweater Party B

UGLY SWEATER PARTY is a lightweight Christmas season horror comedy that’s as enjoyable, and as forgettable, as a Christmas sweater. At least until the holidays roll around again. UGLY SWEATER PARTY will be available exclusively on Amazon Instant Video starting November 23rd. You can keep updated on other release dates on their Facebook page.

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