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Review: YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER (2018) – Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival 2018

Beginning life as an epic twitter thread between bestselling authors Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig (you can see it here, but it’s full of spoilers) YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER is a wonderfully funny, and bloody, send up of FRIDAY THE 13th and its legion of sequels and imitators. Taking an idea that would seem a natural for a short, it runs it to feature-length without feeling padded.

That idea is a very simple one, Sam (Fran Kranz, CABIN IN THE WOODS, BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS) calls his buddy Chuck (Alyson Hannigan, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) with an odd problem. He’s at a summer camp, covered in blood, and most of the other councillors are dead. She’s an expert on slasher films, maybe she has advice on how he can stay alive. But as they go over what has happened, one thing becomes obvious. Sam’s issues lie with his family history and that evil mask and the strange knife he found in the woods.


Director Brett Simmons (ANIMAL, HUSK) along with co-writers Thomas P. Vitale and Covis Berzoyne let any doubt about whom the killer is last just about as long as a good short would run. From there it switches gears. Sam and Chuck try to figure out how he got possessed. And how he can end the curse before being killed by the final girl. Of course, the last two girls alive, his ex Imani (Brittany S. Hall) and current crush Jamie (Jenna Harvey) are both determined to claim that title so they can survive.

YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER jumps back and forth in time. We see things from different perspectives as more information emerges. There’s an on-screen score-card showing the number of victims. It goes up or down as the plot shifts back and forth. It’s funny and effective.


While it is much more a comedy than anything else, YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER never forgets that it’s a horror-comedy. There are plenty of on-screen deaths and the effects are bloody and bloody well done for a low budget film. They’re actually better than a lot of serious genre films and really add to the fun.

YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER has been picked up by SyFy in the US and has aired on there. Check its schedule for upcoming dates. Hopefully, it will turn up elsewhere soon. It’s a meta-horror film that does for summer camp slashers what SCREAM did for suburban slashers.

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