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Review: INTENSIVE CARE (2018)

After a mission in the Philippines goes wrong, special forces operative Alex (Tara Macken) decides she’s had enough and retires. Returning to civilian life, she takes up a new career as a home care aid for the wealthy, bedridden Claire (Leslie Easterbrook, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS). However, like so many others before her, her dreams of a peaceful life are not to be. INTENSIVE CARE, the debut feature from Jared Bentley, follows a well-worn path. Can it leave its own footprints behind?

Mixing straight forward action with home invasion horror, INTENSIVE CARE pits Alex against Claire’s disinherited grandson Danny (Jai Rodriguez) and his goons Seth (Kevin Sizemore) and Rudy (Jose Rosete FLIGHT 666, PRESIDENT EVIL, TRESPASSERS). They’re after the fortune she keeps in her safe, and when the original plan to have Danny seduce and distract Alex fails, things get ugly.

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Macken doesn’t have that many real acting roles to her credit. What she does have is a long, impressive list of stunt credits, and it shows. She does an amazing job in her fight scenes, never looking less than convincing in her role. Perhaps a bit too much so as it’s pretty clear from the start the villains are outmatched. They might be hardcore when killing a hooker that gets in the way, but they never seem like a threat to her. At times, they’re so inept they seem like more of a danger to themselves than anyone else, actually.

Bently, making his feature debut, makes the most of an obviously low budget. Working from a script he co-wrote with Darrin Scane he keeps the action upfront and hard hitting and keeps the run time short. The cast do a good job with what are pretty much one dimensional roles, though Macken shows a lot more talent than most stunt folk who turn to acting. Hopefully she’ll get a role that will really let her show what she’s capable of.

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INTENSIVE CARE is a solid low budget thriller delivers the goods. If you don’t expect big budget effects and wait for the post credits scene, you’ll have a fun time.

INTENSIVE CARE is currently available on VOD from Screen Media. It will be released on DVD January 8th.

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