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Review: THE WRONG TODD (2018)

The debut feature from Rob Schulbaum, best known as an editor of TV’s THE FAMILY GUY, THE WRONG TODD is a science fiction themed romantic comedy. One that manages to avoid the pitfalls of both genres while telling an entertaining tale of love, friendship and change.

Todd (Jesse Rosen) and Lucy (Anna Rizzo BLOOD PI, FLESH FOR THE INFERNO)are a couple living in Providence. They’re a happy couple until Lucy is offered a promotion that involves relocating to Seattle. Todd has never left Rhode Island and is not thrilled at the idea of moving cross-country. While they’re arguing about this, an alternate universe version of Todd, (also played by Rosen), arrives in our world.

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Desperate to be with Lucy, (in his universe she died several years ago), he forcibly switches places with him. Now he must convince his best friend Dave (Sean Carmichael AMERICAN POLTERGEIST, SHEVENGE) who also happens to be Lucy’s brother that he’s not crazy. And find a way back to his own world.

Expanded from a short he made in 2014 Schulbaum’s film keeps its characters at the forefront of the story. It doesn’t let the parallel universe idea take over. The official synopsis refers to the other Todd as his “evil twin” but it’s more shaded and nuanced than that. He’s not a good guy, obviously, but it’s not that black and white either. It’s not like THE ONE where Jet Li’s other self is a purely evil being. It’s more like THE WORLD OVER, where desperate, heartbroken people will go to any length to be with the one they love. Or the closest possible alternative.

With a cast of fleshed out, individuals, especially when some of them are the same person, the film is able to run with the concepts of how small changes can change the course of a person’s life. And change is an important element of THE WRONG TODD. Todd will have to do some serious changing if he wants to get back to Lucy. Parallel Universe Dave will need to change if he wants to ease his conscience for not being there for his Todd after Lucy’s death.

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Thankfully, it never lets this get too heavy and keeps things entertaining. It’s a sci-fi, rom-com with more depth and original ideas than most. And despite the parallel universe elements, it’s more believable than many more mainstream films of its kind.

THE WRONG TODD will be playing at Other Worlds Austin Film Festival on Saturday, December 8th. You can check for other screenings on its Facebook page.

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