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I don’t know if writer/director J.M. Stelly (WITHIN MADNESS) is a fan of Charles Band and the film such as MERIDIAN: KISS OF THE BEAST that his companies Empire and Full Moon put out in the late ’80s and early ’90s, but he’s certainly channelling them in THE DEMONOLOGIST. I am a fan, and I enjoy it immensely.

Damien Seryph (Brian Krause, CHARMED, SLEEPWALKERS) is a cop in New Orleans. He’s about to marry his girlfriend Abigail (Kate Tumanova AMERICAN EXORCISM) and live happily ever after until a series of ritual murders start occurring in his jurisdiction. And hitting very close to home.

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Indeed there is evil afoot. A cult led by Meredith (Manon Pages PURGATORY ROAD, SEWER GATORS) seeks to resurrect the four King Demons of Hell, otherwise known as The Four Horsemen. Of course, only Damien can stop them, but first, he’ll have to face his destiny and claim his heritage.

THE DEMONOLOGIST is a wonderfully cheesy exercise in the occult that thankfully never takes itself overly seriously. With a hero named Damien Seryph and a plot that involves a centuries-old battle between the two branches of a family sired by Lucifer himself, how can it? Instead, we get some effective practical gore, guys in fairly convincing demon masks, some not too shabby CGI, and a bit of nudity.

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Rogue priests, rogue cops, conspiracies involving the Vatican and Satan, and even a touch of GHOST RIDER all play into the film’s plot. It’s the kind of film Charles Band should be making now, instead of crap like EVIL BONG 777. This could easily have come out along with DARK ANGEL: THE ASCENT and DR. MORDRID. And like them, it ends teasing a sequel or even a franchise. Hopefully, unlike them, we will get a follow-up film or two.

Uncork’d Entertainment will release THE DEMONOLOGIST to VOD January 1st. It’ll certainly get your year off to a fun start.

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