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THE ELEMENTAL BALANCE is a comic series from inZane Comics dealing with four individuals who suddenly find themselves wielding the powers of the four Elements. They don’t know why they were chosen and the only thing they have in common is they were killed, (and apparently resurrected), by the power they now control.

Chloe was on a cruise ship that was hit by a tsunami. She’s been plagued with nightmares that seem to predict disasters. Her latest involves a mudslide in Africa, and she sets out to investigate it. When a survivor is dug out of the mud and turns out to be someone from her dreams she knows she’s onto something. But it’s going to take her powers, and unlocking his to keep them alive.

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Chloe, as you may have guessed has the ability to control water. Baraka, the survivor of the mudslides, can reshape the ground around himself. The others will be revealed in later chapters, just how they got their powers is teased for chapter two.

Writer Zain Shenwari gets the story off to a good start. From a plot perspective THE ELEMENTAL BALANCE has an enjoyable feel to it. Apart from Chloe leaving her boyfriend at the story’s beginning it doesn’t get overly heavy. Rather it has a nice light old school feel. It reminds me of the first comics I read, back before social issues and reality were important story elements. Obviously this could change in the future, but the first installment is just a fun action romp.

The artwork by Luke Horsman fits the story well. Colorful but not too garish, with enough detail to look good without seeming busy. A few frames look a bit sketchy and underdone but overall it hits the mark. Not overly cartoonish, but not hyper-realistic either, just like the story. You can check out his website here.

Elemental Balance

Chapter One, Ground Breaking News is available free on the company’s website. You can also check out their Indiegogo campaign. I don’t read comics nearly as much as I used to, but I had a good time with THE ELEMENTAL BALANCE. Keep up with it on their website and Facebook page.

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