Review: SOUNDBITE (2018)

SOUNDBITE is a four-minute short from director Michael Coulombe (STALK, LOVE ME NOT) and co-writer Brantley J. Brown. Shot as the premiere offering for their YouTube channel Horror House, it’s a calling card of sorts. Does it make a good first impression?

A young woman (Taylor Murphy-Sinclair) sits down at her laptop to check out a song on a website. Nothing unusual about that, right? The results, however, are anything but what she expected.

Soundbite 1

SOUNDBITE is structured like an excerpt from a longer production, with no backstory or sense of context. Indeed, it feels like a sequence from a film like UNFRIENDED, E-DEMON or some of the “killer website” films that popped up during the original Internet boom. Part of the film’s effectiveness though is we never know if the events are supernatural or technological. 

That isn’t a bad thing, though. SOUNDBITE is well shot, with good editing and choice of angles to convey a story that could be a rather dull if shot in a more static manner. As you may guess from the title, sound plays a big part in the film and the sound mix is up to the challenge. It adds a real edge to the goings-on and boosts the creep factor considerably.

So to answer the question, SOUNDBITE does indeed make a good first impression. If they maintain this level of quality, Horror House should be a channel to keep your eye on. You can keep up to date with their future plans via Michael’s website, which also has links to all of their many social media feeds.

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