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Review: BFF GIRLS (2018)

A few days ago I passed on the word about BFF GIRLS, the new short from Brian Lonano, the director of GWILLIAM. I was hooked up with a screener, so I could check it out for myself. I wasn’t disappointed.

Rose (Allison Maier, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS) is having her first period. Somewhat confused, (but not fully Carrie White confused) she asks her besties Violet (Sydney Allison Thomas) and Lily (Jessica Shipp) if they ever bleed“down there”. This leads to a discussion on menstruation that sounds like a bad After School Special. Even the pervy cat Neko (Laurence R. Harvey THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II, FOR WE ARE MANY) gets in on it.


While this is going on, Fabuloso Doom (Lawrence Sykkmon) is watching from the other side of the galaxy. It seems these girls are more than just anime nerds, they are the BFF (Beautiful Fantasy Flower) Girls and actually have superpowers, powers that will increase as they become women. But his magic mirror has some good news, they’ll be easier to defeat during their period. When his plot to use cursed tampons fails, Fabuloso Doom summons Anti-Flow (Lea Enslina THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT). She’s a tampon monster that will not only defeat them. But allow him to drink their menstrual blood and stay eternally young.

Brian Lonano and Victoria Cook’s script for BFF GIRLS is a thirteen-minute trip into hysterically bad taste. It skewers both anime and its fans. From the three girls being played by obvious adults, to the creepy villain being entirely too attracted to them. His mirror has to remind him they’re underage. When they transform into their super heroine identities they’re played by Japanese actresses, Marilyn Chung, Jessica Nam & Carolann Utley, complete with subtitles.


Of course, a plot that involves drinking menstrual blood should be full of gross out images, and BFF GIRLS doesn’t disappoint there. There’s more, and better, gross laughs here than in all of THE GREASY STRANGLER, which coincidentally stars this film’s narrator Michael St. Michaels.

BFF GIRLS is available on Vimeo On Demand. And you can keep up with future viewing options on Facebook and Twitter.

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