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Review: BLOOD BOUND (2019)

A family with untold powers granted to them by demonic forces, a trio of young criminals, a large trunk full of cash and a need for bloody human sacrifices. All of these come together in BLOOD BOUND, the new film from writer/director Richard LeMay (DEMENTIA 13).

Kerry (Eden Brolin, MANSON’S LOST GIRLS) is a rebellious young woman hanging with a pair of small-time criminals Sean (Eric Nelson, A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES) and Brian (Justin A Davis, CENTRAL PARK). She’s having second thoughts about her lifestyle but accompanies them on another home invasion, this one after the trunk full of cash. However, their intended victims have some dark secrets of their own.

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BLOOD BOUND deserves a lot of credit for taking a novel approach to the subject matter. When the trio are led out to the woods for use in a Satanic ritual, we expect blood to flow there and then. But Satan and the script are playing the long game. This lets the middle of the film play like a weird mix of OVER THE EDGE and ROSEMARY’S BABY. BLOOD BOUND at times feels as much of a drama as a horror film. A dark, supernaturally tinged drama, but still a drama. It never becomes dull or ventures into DARK SHADOWS soap opera territory, but it doesn’t always play by horror rules either.

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The effect is weird and kept me off balance. Pivotal in all of this is David (Ross Wellinger), the youngest of the clan. He’s struggling with his destiny and how he chooses could either save or damn Kerry and the child she carries. A child conceived the night of the aborted break-in.

An interesting hybrid, BLOOD BOUND held my attention even through its less than horrific parts. It’s certainly worth a watch for anyone tired of cookie-cutter demonic films. BLOOD BOUND will be available on VOD January 15, 2019, from Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment.

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