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Review: FIGHTING THE SKY (2018)

A dozen missing people reappear, claiming they were abducted by aliens. A small town is plagued by strange noises, and a group of amateur Ufologists investigates. These are the starting points of FIGHTING THE SKY, the new film by Conrad Faraj. Despite a rather long list of credits, this is the first time I’ve crossed paths with one of his films. Justly obscure or overlooked talent?

Lorraine (Angela Cole THE BLACK ROOM, AMERICAN POLTERGEIST: THE CURSE OF LILITH RATCHET) comes back home after being away for a year. The UFO investigators she used to work with ask her to rejoin them to explore the strange noises being heard in the atmosphere. Things become really interesting when she takes part in an interview with one of the reappeared missing people who claim to be from 2076. As she conducts her investigation, two sisters Valerie (Jinette Faraj) and Rosie (Judith A. Faraj) are conducting a much more amateur one of their own.

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The first part of the film plays like an episode of THE X FILES. Lots of investigation and an occasional burst of odd activity. Once the aliens make themselves known around the film’s midpoint, however, it becomes a fight for survival.

Despite the film’s poster, FIGHTING THE SKY makes a wise choice and works within its budget. While we hear of global occurrences, (they even give Saskatoon a mention), the film wisely focuses on a much smaller slice of the invasion. By not overreaching, it can effectively tell its story. See BATTALION for what happens when you try to do otherwise.

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For an obviously low-budget film, FIGHTING THE SKY has some very good effects. Corey McCauley (TUSK, DON’T KILL IT) and Ron George (IN GUNS WE TRUST, VILE PREY) deliver some excellent alien crafts and creature suits. Some of the CGI fire effects leave something to be desired, however. Thankfully, there are not a lot of scenes of destruction. Faraj wisely shows just enough to give you an idea of what’s going on. Then he moves the story out into the woods and lets the cast deal with the aliens face to face.

With a plot that moves fast enough things don’t drag and solid effects, FIGHTING THE SKY isn’t anything game-changing, but it’s a good bet for an evening’s entertainment. Bonus points for an ending that, while making perfect sense, I didn’t see coming.

High Octane Pictures will release FIGHTING THE SKY to digital and DVD on February 5th.

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