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After the darkly comedic THE OFFER and the quiet and touching ghost story MRS. WILTSHIRE comes the third in the series DARK DITTIES PRESENTS: FINDERS KEEPERS and it’s back to the pitch-black humor of the first episode.

Roy (Bruce Jones THE FULL MONTY) and Barry Smiley (Oliver Smith HELLRAISER) are a pair of poachers, and not very good ones. But they manage to bag a choice catch when they find a dead body with a briefcase cuffed to its wrist. Well, they thought it was dead when they found it, and it certainly is when they’re done.

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However the deceased was a less than honest accountant on the run from Frank (Mark Wingett WAR OF THE DEAD, DEAD AGAIN) and Darren (Stanley Rawlings). It seems their boss Mr. Benoit (Kenneth Cranham) wants a word with him. Of course, Mr. Benoit is also a man known to remove people’s eyes with a corkscrew when he’s angry.

The acting is once again excellent, the cast, several of whom are becoming regulars, are well-chosen professionals who can carry off both the humorous and more straightforward elements. And there are plenty of both as the plot moves between the gangsters and the poachers. Writers Neil Morris and Adam Evans, who also directed DARK DITTIES PRESENTS FINDERS KEEPERS are also veterans of the franchise and know just what they need to do to deliver another solid episode.

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Of course, it all comes together in a bundle of crosses, double-crosses and nasty surprises. It’s the kind of thing the British do well, and they’re doing it quite well here. It’s much more of a nasty crime drama than a horror story, which is a bit of a departure from the first two episodes. There are certainly some hints of real darkness concerning Mr. Benoit and that could be a topic for a future episode, something the post-credits sequence suggests may well happen.

In the meantime, a fourth episode, THE WITCHING HOUR, has already been announced. You can keep updated on it on their website or on their Facebook page.

Like the other episodes, DARK DITTIES PRESENTS FINDERS KEEPERS is available on Amazon in the US and UK.

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