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Review: DOLPHIN KICK (2018)

DOLPHIN KICK is the first feature film directed by actor/producer Philip Marlatt. It’s also the latest family friendly release from Epic Pictures. Like BROTHERS OF THE WIND, this is another tale of kids and animals, only an action film rather than a drama.

Luke (Axle McCoy) has been having a hard time dealing with the loss of his mother. Among other things, it’s caused him to give up swimming, formerly a passion for both him and his sister Skyler (Tyler Jade Nixon). However, while on vacation they make friends with Echo, a dolphin who’s been separated from his pod. Will his friendship with Echo and their efforts to reunite him with his family give him the courage to get back in the water?

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The press release for DOLPHIN KICK stressed the fact it was Dove certified for all ages. Indeed, it is fairly harmless with only some mild violence, (the most lethal weapon in the film is a flare gun). It’s like the films Disney used to make for its TV show back in the day.

It’s light and friendly, with cute kids and cuter animals. The bad guys, a pair of fishermen who want to kill the dolphin, are never overly threatening. And you know everything will turn out OK in the end. There’s a message about supporting your friends and believing in yourself as well. And, like those films, it will make the little ones happy.

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Adults watching along however might not be so entertained, however. Dad, (Travis McCoy) looks good without his shirt and there’s some nice looking girls in bikinis but apart from the eye candy there’s not too much here for most grown-ups. Those who like these kinds of films, of course, will be happy. Others may want to keep a book handy.

But this is a kids film, and it should appeal to them, and that’s what matters in the end. It’ll keep them happy for the afternoon. You may want to get stuff done while they’re busy with it, though. DOLPHIN KICK is available on most streaming and VOD platforms, as well as DVD from Epic Family.

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