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Review: BABES WITH BLADES (2018)

Shot in 2013 but taking five years in post-production, Babes With Blades is a labour of love from actress and stunt woman Cecily Fay. She not only wrote/directed/stars but handled other production tasks including composing the score and designing the costumes. The result however isn’t without a lot of problems.

Azura (Cecily Fay) is the last of a race of warriors whose planet, Sarnia, has been destroyed by an evil galactic empire. Captured by Section Commander Sorrentine (Joelle Simpson) and Sef (Jon Robb) she’s now forced to fight to the death in the arena.

However, there’s a rebellion brewing on Draiga. One that may let her regain her freedom, and get revenge.

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I have to give props to a warrior woman film actually written and directed by a woman. It’s certainly a change from the usual Amazon fantasy plotline of these things, 90% of which are written and directed by men. The change in perspective alone makes it worth watching despite its many issues.

The other strong point of Babes With Blades is the fight choreography. Although some of it is ruined by dodgy editing there are plenty of good fights. And of course, that’s what you watch a movie like this for, and it delivers.

However, the film has one huge problem that has an effect on just about everything else. The film’s aspirations way outstrip its budget. Anyone who regularly reads this site knows I love low-budget films, but the filmmakers need to work with what they have. Babes With Blades, unfortunately, doesn’t and ends up frequently looking very cheap and half-assed.

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Despite being filmed in 2013 it has the shot on video look of a Tom Baker era Dr. Who episode. Come to think of it, it could almost pass as a spin-off involving his companion Leela. That look is going to turn some people off right from the start. Another example is the arena the fights are held in. It looks like an abandoned church, and the cheering hordes look to number around 25 or so extras.

The steampunk look of Draiga is enjoyably different, but again the budget doesn’t let it get fully developed. And a rebellion that seems to number about a half dozen people isn’t exactly inspiring.

However, Babes with Blades is still worth a look for those who can deal with the budgetary shortcomings. If you think that might include you, give the trailer a watch. It’s available on most VOD platforms from Breaking Glass Pictures.

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