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Mention writer/director/producer Sean Donohue or his company Gatorblade Films and certain things come to mind. Things like outrageous violence and extreme amounts of explicit nudity, male and female. And well it should, we’re talking about the names behind the likes of Cannibal Claus and Taste Me: Death-scort Service Part 3. However, don’t go into his latest film The Hart-Break Killer expecting more of the same, he’s changed things up in a big way.

Robert Hart (Eight The Chosen One, Family Snapshot, Morbid Stories) is something of a nerd. He’s involved with a local hooker/porn actress who treats him like shit. His co-workers treat him like shit. Even his imaginary alter-ego puts him down.

After a co-worker Pam (Lexi Balestrieri) dumps him mid-date for another guy, Robert’s slide into madness hits high gear.

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You might be excused for wondering what’s been changed. The film starts with a dose of full frontal nudity and the cast is full of names familiar from his previous films. Ashley Lynn Caputo (Cannibal Claus, I Dared You! Truth or Dare Part 5), ‘Sushii’ Xhyette Holder (Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead), Bob Glazier (Die Die Delta Pi, Chaos A.D.), even Christopher Leto (Housewife Slasher, Seeing Evil) turns up in a cameo.

Once the film gets going however the difference is very obvious. The gore is gone. Rather than a bloodbath, The Hart-Break Killer is a psychological film, the portrait of Robert’s decaying mental state. I have to give Sean and his cast props for attempting something so far out of their usual wheelhouse. And give them more for pulling it off.

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There’s still a fair amount of sleaze. Apart from the opening skin, for example, there’s a scene involving Robert and a sex toy that’s both funny and cringe inducing. It may not be as explicit as other Gatorblade films, but it isn’t exactly wholesome family fare either. You’ll still feel like you need a shower after watching The Hart-Break Killer.

While I can’t deny a part of me wouldn’t have minded seeing this turn into a blood and boobs filled killing spree, because I do like that kinda thing, The Hart-Break Killer is a damn fine film. It might be better looked at as a more serious take on the 90s cult favorite Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend. Maybe for his next film, Sean can take this approach and add some of the blood back in. The result could be a nice American giallo.

For updates on The Hart-Break Killer and its release plans, check out the film’s Indiegogo and Facebook pages.

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