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We previously reviewed Craig Fisher’s short Night Mære, a creepy look at sleep paralysis. Now we have his most recent work, You’ve Been Bad to look at. He describes the 3-minute short as an homage to 80s VHS horror. While he gets the 80s part right, the film this brings to mind is Creepshow, which got a large theatrical release. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The story is simple. Jack (Matthew Campbell) has been staying up waiting for Dad (Dominic Huntley) to get home. He’s woken up by a knocking at the door, seems Dad forgot his keys, so he lets him in. As he drifts off to sleep again, Dad messages him that he’ll be later than expected…

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A simple little tale that ends with a sting, You’ve Been Bad wears its influences proudly. The bright, comic book style coloured lighting and the creature makeup are right out of the 80s. The horror obsessed young hero with the room full of posters and memorabilia too.

It also has that decade’s lack of logic as well. Even at Jack’s age, I’d have been heading for the door once I got that second message. And supposing I did decide to see if it was a joke, that eerie glowing would have changed my mind. Especially since any horror fan knows that’s a situation that won’t end well.

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You’ve Been Bad recently screened at the Horror-On-Sea Festival in the UK, a venue that’s played host to other indie films we’ve covered such as White Goods and Dead Celebrities. Fisher’s work can hold its own even among that company.

You’ve Been Bad is available to view on YouTube

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