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LOVE ME NOT (2019)

The third film from director Michael Coulombe (The Lady, Safer-At-Home) and writer Brantley J. Brown, Love Me Not is a more ambitious project than the previous two. At eleven minutes, it runs longer than Soundbite and Stalk combined. It also has a plot that’s a bit more involved than the previous films.

Brad (David Blanco) is having Valentine’s Day dinner with Jenny (Vanessa Esperanza). The fact that he’s bound and gagged indicates this might not be his idea. The fact he recently ghosted her would tend to confirm that.

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The fact there are other guests, the corpses of Jenny’s previous lovers, indicates this isn’t an attempt to get him to give her another chance.

Splattered with blood and smeared mascara and armed with an axe, Jenny is a distinctly chilling figure. As she gives a monologue about her need to be loved and the mistreatment she’s received instead, using the corpses to illustrate her points, she’s a perfect visualization of “Cute But Psycho”.

Not that Brad is any angel, but at least he’s not homicidal. And judging from the diversity among the corpses around the table he may have had good reason to simply vanish. For all she rants about how men treat her, one of the bodies is another female. It seems Jenny drives everyone away for some reason.

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Love Me Not ends with a bit of cat and mouse with Brad as the final boy. That makes a nice bit of role reversal and gets the film away from the dining room table for a bit as well. The final image is a fitting and memorable one.

The crew at Horror House Media have stepped things up nicely with Love Me Not. You can check it out on their YouTube channel. You can also keep up with their latest developments on their website and Facebook page.

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