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We’ve reviewed several films from Seth Breedlove and his company Small Town Monsters, such as Terror In the Skies and The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy Of Fear. They’ve been enjoyable looks at strange, allegedly true phenomena that run a quick hour or so. With On The Trail Of Bigfoot, he changed the format up. It’s a series consisting of six half-hour episodes, (Amazon will have it as two collections of three episodes). While I was worried that three hours might be too much, it holds its interest well and the episodic nature means you can easily take a break if it does get to be a bit much.

The first two segments gives us the background of the sightings of the creature through American history and Seth’s introduction to the phenomena and his growing interest in it. Some of this, such as the Ape Canyon incident will be familiar to those who have some familiarity with the subject. I still found more than enough to keep my interest.

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Once the basics are covered On The Trail Of Bigfoot delves into many subjects. The regional variations of the creature. Sightings in different parts of the country vary considerably in appearance and temperament. Also, several theories of just what Bigfoot is are covered. While most believe Sasquatch to be a flesh and blood creature be it ape or primitive humanoid, there are other theories.

Seth goes back to incidents he covered in Invasion On Chestnut Ridge to discuss a possible connection between Bigfoot and UFOs. He also gives time to reports of the creature stepping out of portals and trails of footprints that suddenly end, as though whatever made them just vanished.

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However, he puts his faith in the flesh and blood theory, and the final segments take us into the woods with various groups of researchers. The tales they have to tell and their contrasting styles and methods kept my interest strong through the final episodes.

Very well shot for something of its length and with just a $5,000 budget, On The Trail Of Bigfoot was obviously a labor of love. Seth was the director, writer, producer, (along with his wife Adrienne), narrator and star. Reusing footage from earlier works like Minerva Monster probably also helped stretch the budget.

A fun watch, either one episode at a time, or to binge On The Trail Of Bigfoot is available on various streaming platforms and on VOD. You can check for updates on it and Seth’s other projects at the Small Town Monsters website.

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