SILENCIO – On Demand And DVD This May

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Last October we ran a review of Silencio ahead of its theatrical release.

“Part mystery, part supernatural thriller, and part human drama, SILENCIO asks some hard questions. Ones that don’t have easy answers”

Well it’s finally coming to VOD and DVD.

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John Noble (“Fringe”, “Elementary”), Rupert Graves (“Sherlock”, The Madness of King George) and Melina Matthews (Mama) star in “a mystery thriller that will keep you pondering the questions for days” (Ready Steady Cut) Silencio, on VOD and DVD May 14 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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“A carefully underplayed sci-fi time displacement drama in the realm of The Butterfly Effect and Quantum Leap” (Starburst), Silencio fixes on a factual mystical marvel in the heart of Mexico that charges a young psychiatrist the mission of unravelling a real-life X-File!

In order to save her son’s life, Ana must find a powerful stone. Her grandfather originally discovered it in the Zone of Silence, the Bermuda Triangle of Mexico. Throughout her desperate search, Ana stumbles upon family secrets and enemies who believe the stone’s power is worth killing for.

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From visionary filmmaker Lorena Villarreal, “a very deep and introspective film” (Cryptic Rock), Silencio coming home this May.

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