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Donald F. Glut Has had quite a career. He wrote for television and comics and books that ranged from genre reference works like “The Dracula Book” and “The Frankenstein Legend: A Tribute to Mary Shelley and Boris Karloff” to kids’ trivia books. He also made several low-budget films, such as Dinosaur Valley Girls and Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood. Now he’s released an anthology film, Tales Of Frankenstein, drawn from four stories in his book of the same name and a wraparound segment.

Unlike his previous films, which were heavy on soft core eroticism, Tales Of Frankenstein is a much more old-school and nostalgic style of film. Fans of his earlier films should keep that in mind.

A Karloffesque creature looks through rubble and finds a picture of its creator. This portrait is the link between the stories that follow.

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“My Creation, My Beloved” – Dr. Gregore Frankenstein (Buddy Daniels Friedman) creates a perfect body (Lilian Lev) to hold the brain of the brilliant female surgeon he’s corresponded with for years (voice of Monique Marissa Lukens). However, it’s not quite love at first sight as Gregore isn’t the perfect male…yet.

“Crawler from the Grave” – Helmut Frankenstein (Len Wein, legendary comic writer) is the possessor of an immense ruby ring. Vincent (John Blyth Barrymore) will do anything to get it, even grave robbing when Hemut decides he can take it with him. His arm h, however, has other ideas. This one has a few issues, such as despite being set in 1910 we see a very modern wristwatch on Helmut’s wife (Tatiana DeKhytar).

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“Madhouse of Death” – Set in 1940s Los Angeles, Private Investigator Jack Anvil (Jamisin Matthews) runs into trouble when his car breaks down outside the home of Dr. Mortality (Mel Novak, Game Of Death, An Hour To Kill). It seems Jack’s brain is the right size to be transplanted in to the head of the doctor’s gorilla.

“Dr. Karnstein’s Creation” – Dr. Karnstein (Jim Tavaré), is a descendant of the Dr. Frankenstein. He decides to relocate to the one place he can work in peace, Transylvania. Along with James Dean worshiping local teen Carl (Justin Hoffmeister, Flight 666), he goes to work. But one of the bodies he uses for his experiments isn’t what he expected.

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Glut got his start doing amateur films that got mentioned in Famous Monsters Of Filmland. And in a way that’s what Tales Of Frankenstein reminded me of. The fan-made, low-budget films of the 1970s that we would read about in Famous Monsters and end up seeing on some UHF channel’s weekend Creature Feature. And as an exercise in nostalgia, it is enjoyable.

Those who weren’t around in those days might enjoy its tributes to the various films of the past and the legacy of both Frankenstein and the genre. However, they might find it a bit tame as well. Larry Fessenden’s upcoming retelling of the story Depraved might be more to their tastes.

Tales Of Frankenstein is available via streaming and DVD from Leomark Studios.

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