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THE 27 CLUB (2019)

For those unfamiliar with the term, The 27 Club refers to several famous musicians including Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Brian Jones who died at the age of 27. Most of them were definitely living here for a good time, not a long time lifestyle. But there’s been much speculation why so many of them went at that age. Of course, many theories involve the occult.

In Patrick Fogarty’s (Legion of the Black) film The 27 Club, it is indeed demons that are responsible for the mayhem. The film opens with musician Quinn Scott (Travis Grant) getting wasted and managing to accidentally kill himself on his 27th birthday. Well, he might have had some help from this demon that pops out of a mirror, but either way, he’s dead.

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Jason (Derrick Denicola, Mutants, Trance) is doing a documentary on the 27 Club. His buddy introduces him to his girlfriend’s sister Lily (Maddisyn Carter, Beverly Hills Ghost, Valley Of Bones). She was in the room but passed out when Quinn joined the club. Along with that, he sees a sinister looking book on the fan shrine to Quinn. Of course, he steals it. The Book Of The Dead it isn’t, but it can conjure up demons and grant fame and power. And some people, including Quinn’s former bandmates, are willing to kill, and obviously die, for it.

This could have been a lot of fun with a good script. However, The 27 Club trips over itself repeatedly contradicting major plot points. The most important of which is whether you need to actually possess the book, or just know the ritual. That and just sloppy writing that had me confused more than once about just how somebody was connected to what was going on.

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There are also several fairly pointless interludes involving various now-deceased musicians. The best of these is probably John Hennigan (Never Leave Alive, Strange Nature) as Jim Morrison. Which will get a grin from those who remember his run in the WWE as the Lizard King, inspired John Morrison. Other familiar faces include musician Todd Rundgren as Jason’s professor, and Nick Principe (FP2: Beats Of Rage, Xenophobia) as a heavily inked goon.

Ultimately, The 27 Club wastes its subject matter on a generic possession/deal with the devil story. You’ll be able to guess just what’s going to happen for most of the film, especially the last half hour. Try the short Dead Celebrities for a better take on the theme.

The 27 Club is available on VOD from Cleopatra Entertainment.

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    1. Definatly one of the best entrances, and one of the hottest women they ever had in the WWE

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