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No Knock List starts off with a bang, literally. Director Rich Rule and writer Zeilo Vogta, reteaming after Marrtown, start the film off with two convicts Lou (James Quinn, The Boonies) and Keith (Brian Stowell, False Flag) staging an escape that leaves a trail of bodies. By the end of the film, they may be wishing they’d stayed in jail.

No Knock List plays to the recent trend of burglary/home invasions going badly wrong, joining films like Don’t Breathe, Killers Within and Monster Party. The two plot to rob a bed and breakfast run by the reclusive Ms. Vangobels (Maria Olsen, I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu, All the Creatures Were Stirring). Not only reclusive but paranoid, she’s alleged to have a large stash of cash in the building. But of course, the building has some dark secrets of its own.

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No Knock List lets us on from the start that there’s something supernatural inhabiting the Vangobels House, and we know these two are going to meet up with it. Along the way, the script delivers a mix of standard haunted house tropes and some newer twists. But it’s still fairly easy to tell what’s going on and how it will all play out. But the way the film keeps playing up differences between the two cons, it becomes obvious what’s going on. That’s if the poster hasn’t given it away already.

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While it’s not big on shock or scares, No Knock List is still an entertaining supernatural story. I’d almost call it a morality play, but that brings to mind the more preachy “faith-based” films. And thankfully, No Knock List doesn’t beat you over the head with a message. It just tells a story of good and evil.

While not quite as good as Marrtown, No Knock List is worth seeing if you get a chance. It’s currently playing at festivals and is available on DVD. You can get details on the film’s Facebook page.

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