First Look At HEKS, A New Horror From South Africa


We’ve seen some interesting films coming out of South Africa lately. Films as varied as Five Fingers for Marseilles, Hunting Emma, and The Lullaby. Here’s some news of one currently in post-production, HEKS. Interestingly it’s directed by Reine Swart star of The Lullaby and one of the leads in the just-released US production The Refuge.

Summary of Heks:
Heks is a horror film currently in Post Production in South Africa. The Horror film was shot in January of this year in South Africa and has a British lead, Coco Lloyd. The other cast members include big South African names such as Hungani Ndlovu, Mari Molefe van Heerden, Stephanie Sandows, Christopher Jafhta, and Mary Anne Barlow. Our team consists of professionals who have worked on productions for NBC Universal, Syfy, National Geographic Channel and many more great studios on shows such as Z Nation, Dominion, The Lullaby and Origins. The director is Reine Swart with producers Mari Molefe van Heerden, Coco Lloyd, and Andre Velts. Heks is a film about a witch doctor’s curse in South Africa and the evil that is released when the curse is broken. Witch Doctors play a big part in South Africa’s culture as over 50% of the South African population tend to them for medical assistance. You get different types of witch doctors and therefore not all practice witchcraft. Another interesting statistic states that there are ten times more witch doctors than western trained doctors in South Africa. We are excited to show the world this horror film that originates from South African myths and practices still in place today.

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