Never Mind The Dark Web, Beware Of THE DEEP WEB

The Deep Web poster

Just received the poster from this new Quebec filmed thriller The Deep Web. The press release doesn’t say a lot. But here it is.

On Saturday, June 8, Jessy Dupont’s feature film ”Deep Web” will have is screening premiere in Levis, Quebec at the reputed theater L’Anglicane. The movie takes place in the beautiful scenery of Quebec city where Hitchcock shot ”I confess” and Spielberg ”Catch me if you can” A worldwide V.O.D. release will happen later this year.

SYNOPSIS: A gamer meets a girl on an online forum who introduces him to the deep web an underground network where anything is possible. The pair quickly finds themselves falling dangerously into the depths of a world neither of them knew existed.

The movie stars Daniel Leclerc, Amanda Lynn Petrin, Jean Drolet, Severyn Kain, Otto Szabo, Vanessa Lynn Rancourt, Bill Black, J.P. Chartier, Jeremy Bernard, Hugo Lacasse, and Mark Aylward. It is produced with the collaboration of the music band ”Black Market Hard-Tack” from St-John’s Newfoundland and Dagley Media from Halifax. It took three years for the filmmakers to complete this fully independent film.

You can find out more on their Facebook page.

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