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LONERS (2019)

If you follow the news, you may have noticed something. Whenever a mass killer is a white male, they’re not labeled a domestic terrorist, but a “lone wolf” and their actions blamed on the mental state that being a loner causes. Loners riffs off of that and posits a future in which rather than institute gun control, the US government institutes loner control.

In order to cut down on mass shootings, all those deemed to be loners must wear a headband, (complete with 49.99 a month fee) and attend mandatory Lone-Anon classes to teach them how to socialize and make friends. We meet one such group Lincoln (Brian Letscher), Tanner (Tyson Turrou), Ed (David Christian Welborn), Franny (Brenda Davidson), Jeremy (Khary Payton), Dabney (Neil McGowan), and Clara (Denise Dowse). But then Clara is disappeared and replaced by Senise (Melissa Paladino).


Loners started out as a stage play by Neil McGowan, who wrote the script for the film. It also kept the play’s six actors and expanded the cast from there. Director Eryc Tramonn had the task of expanding it from its original settings. And he’s done it with a fair bit of success.

The film’s website states, “We are proud to share a comedic take on our current political climate and the government’s inability to actually address the violence in our news.” And that neatly sums Loners up. Loners “War On Loneliness” could be any of the excuses we hear from politicians as to why the US won’t prevent even the most obviously mentally ill individuals from legally buying guns.

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Loners does at times go a bit too far into tinfoil hat territory, such as with Mr. Tessman (Stephen Tobolowsky, Strange Nature, Memento) and those behind him. And it does cross the line between satire and farce a little too often. But for the most part, it stays on point. The characters are fairly engaging and make the point that being an introvert or a loner does not mean one is dangerous.

Loners is available on streaming and VOD platforms.

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