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In a world where the spirits of the dead are the biggest threat the living have to face, The Summoner is the hero we need. And the case he’s handling today could easily be his last if he’s not careful.

The Summoner (Adam McNab, Nightshooters) is a conflicted man. We see him work out with weights and a heavy bag. We also see a full ashtray and bottles of booze. And we also know he has memories of lost love named Maria (Mhairi Calvey, 3 Lives, Virus Of The Dead). And that he evicts the dead from our world, violently if need be. Hired by Grace (Alexandra Hansler, Harvest Of The Dead) to rid her house of its spirits, he comes up against a tougher foe than he anticipated.

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Writer/director James Secker was one of the producers of the retro action film Commando Ninja. So it’s not too surprising that his first film is twenty minutes of retro fun as well. There’s a score that sounds like it strayed in from an Italian sci-fi film. An aerobics scene that serves as a prequel to a ghostly attack. And the scenes of The Summoner, (we never learn his name), fighting the spirits are as much influenced by pro wrestling as by Ghostbusters.

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I do wish Secker had used a bit more practical effects and a bit less CGI. It’s not extensive or bad. But it is noticeable and takes away from the rest of the film’s feel. Apart from that, though, The Summoner is an enjoyable way to kill half an hour. You can find out more about it and the cast and crew’s other projects on its Facebook page.

The Summoner is available on various streaming and VOD services. And for those who like it, the soundtrack is available on Spotify.

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